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The Original -
Trucker by Choice


The story of how it all started back in 1978 when he became a trucker by choice; there was a young boy disking a field and day-dreaming about the day he gets old enough that he’s leaving this tractor and he’s going to drive a big truck.

He had his mind set all the way back then that he was going to be a Trucker. He loved the family farming but he just knew the highway is where he would feel the most freedom.

The years go by and he’s all grown up and old enough to drive; so he decided it was time –.so he took the chance to just go for it - to see if he could make his day-dreams come true. 

My dad has always been compassionate and thoughtful and he knew his mom would worry herself sick about him being out on the road, but to ease her mind he promised her that he would be one of the most professional and safest Truckers to ever hit the highways. And that’s exactly what he did. He’s been trucking my entire life and now I worry sick about him, but it eases my mind because I know grandma’s watching over him, and we both know that he has proven that he is one of the most professional and safest truckers to ever hit the highways.


And while I ride shotgun in the big truck cruising down the open road that’s the story My Dad told me about how he became a Trucker by Choice.

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